Hola, world!

In an evolving effort to keep me writing, I’m starting this blog here. It’s meant to be away from a fast paced, social media focused internet. Instead, it’s a place that’s meant to be informal, explorative and personal.

While I write often in a personal journal, this is meant to be writing that while personal is coherent enough for outside eyes. I also attempted to keep a blog using Medium, however I found the well, medium, too focused on “claps” and on sharing. The medium itself also lends itself to a way of writing that I don’t find so interesting. It feels like every article has to be some kind of Ted talk.

Here I hope to write more about the work that I do, and the work that I hope to do one day.  It’ll also be a place to document my travels, which doesn’t quite fit in with my work but at the same time serves as a getaway and source of inspiration. 

Ok – let’s see how it goes.