Making a text adventure game

“Valdivia” is a text adventure game about ancestry, feelings and family. Play it here.  Development, Writing, Collages, Design by Helena Jaramillo, Music is Drink Water by Ecuadorian artist Quixosis. It revolves around an unnamed main character, a woman, who is on a quest to save her family from being torn apart. During the time that …

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Honeymoon in Cornwall

A 3 day roadtrip in Cornwall, UK while sleeping in a VW Van. I’m not quite sure how we ended up in a VW campervan roadtriping through Cornwall. I think it was a combination of the wedding chaos, family overload and an upcoming move across the planet – that made Cornwall seem like a perfect …

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Lessons from a co-creation summit.

Co-Creation in Colombia

It’s dark when we finally arrive in a tiny village in the Colombian Amazon. It’s been raining all day and the unpaved roads have been difficult. As we drive in, we peek out of the bus to see rows of identical houses, and the dark outline of palm trees. We can’t see much else but …

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Hola, world!

In an evolving effort to keep me writing, I’m starting this blog here. It’s meant to be away from a fast paced, social media focused internet. Instead, it’s a place that’s meant to be informal, explorative and personal. While I write often in a personal journal, this is meant to be writing that while personal …

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