Helena Jaramillo, Product Designer
Design work from Helena Jaramillo

Remix: Purchase

Remix:Purchase is a collaborative project including 27 artists from Purchase College in 2014. The goal of the project was to inspire remix culture in mediums where remixing is not as commmon or accepted. Artists included musicians, writers, and visual artists. 

The collaboration worked by having an artist provide an existing work of theirs, and having another artist remix it. In the end, each artist got to experience remixing another artists work and having their own work remixed (within their own medium).



While some mediums are more open to remixing and appropriation, such as music, other mediums still see it as something that should be looked down upon (visual arts, and writing). Even within music, for example, it might feel strange to remix your friends work or someone who you know more closely - thereby showing that there still is some stigma to remixing . How can you overcome this stigma in a small community such as a college campus?


Role & Process

This project was done as part of my Senior Project for a B.A in New Media. I brought this through from conception, curation, to designing and building the site itself.



In order to remove some of the stigma from remixing, it seemed that artists would have to participate in remixing themselves, and not only from one side. I decided to start with musicians, as remixing is more engrained in their medium. Once that group was rolling, I sought visual artists, and then writers. 

It was important to have a place where all the works were displayed and the connections between the art works were made clear. Additionally, we also had a viewing where the artworks were screened in real life.



While designing and building the site came with their own set of challenges, working with people proved to be the biggest challenge. Initially, I felt uneasy about asking so many people to work on a project with me, especially one that included sharing a work, and making a new work. I also conducted interviews with some of the artists, asking even more of their time. In the end however, I learned to stay cool and professional in these matters, and that some people will bail, so over recruit, but others will come through and be awesome as expected.


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