Helena Jaramillo, Product Designer
Design work from Helena Jaramillo
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Sharing migrants stories

As an Ecuadorian woman who immigrated to the U.S.A at a young page, migrant stories are quite close to my heart. Here are two videos I created to share different migrant stories. 

One Fair Day! - An afternoon off for day laborers.

Working with an organization, in Portchester, NY - Don Bosco , we picked up 5 day laborers, who were under the impression that they were in for a day's work, only to realise that it was actually an afternoon off with a complete full day's wage. This project was done as a team project for a class at SUNY Purchase.

Sueños de Pulpo

A short documentary about my brothers' life as an undocumented man in upstate New York. Created for a class at SUNY Purchase.